Some days are hard.  Some days you just want to curl up under the covers and try to forget everything. But you have feathered and hooved friends who rely on you, no matter how you feel, or what else happened in your day. For me, there is always that comfort of walking into the barn – the sweet smell of hay and shavings and that “horsey” smell; it’s like a big hug – the equivalent of coming in from the snowy cold and someone handing you flannel pajamas and a hot chocolate. Sometimes I just sit in the barn, close my eyes, and breathe. Funny how it is automatic body function, but at times you need to remind yourself to just BREATHE. Breathe in the calm, breathe in the happy, breathe in what feeds your soul.

It doesn’t change anything else that may have happened, but it is a reminder that there are better things; a reminder to focus on the good things, the happy and comforting things. Good things are out there; most of them are right in front of us, whether it be your kids, or cooking your favorite recipe or being at the barn, and you have to hold onto that and breathe it in. Find your happy, breathe your happy, and let the rest go.  It’s not always easy but it helps to deal with the rest of the world’s craziness. Besides, you can never have too much happy.